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North Las Vegas Gas Prices fall below the National Average

In a change from the rising gas prices seen in the early months of recent years, February 2014 saw the average price of gas stay low in Nevada. The fuel gauge report for February saw north Las Vegas come out on top in the battle for the cheapest gas prices in Nevada, with prices across the Las Vegas Valley not fluctuating much between each region.

Despite the production levels and cost of gas remain constant throughout the first two months of 2014 the residents and visitors to Nevada saw their price remain above the national average of $3.31. Residents in Nevada pay around $3.33 per gallon of gas, with those in North Las Vegas paying a low average price of $3.25 per gallon of regular unleaded gasoline. Motorists filling up in Las Vegas pay just one cent more per gallon of gas at $3.26, while those in Henderson see a similar price of just $3.27 per gallon. Prices do fluctuate a little more across the state as a whole, with gas stations in Sparks charging a higher rate of $3.49 per gallon.

With few concerns surrounding US or overseas gas production affecting gas prices as they have in recent years the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded gas has fallen from $3.59 in February 2013 to just $3.31 per gallon in 2014. In Nevada the downward trend for average price has also been revealed over the last twelve months, with a state average price falling from $3.52 last year to $3.33 in February 2014.

Cold temperatures around the US are thought to have contributed to less drivers on the road throughout January and early February 2014. The fall in national average price is reflected in the fact only Hawaii registers an average gas price above $4 in the US.

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